COVID-19 has caused the cancellation of university tours, presentations and networking events for thousands of students. We pair these students with university mentors who offer personalized guidance and support during the transition to first year! We also offer program-specific articles, professional development advice, career pathway podcasts, and virtual seminars to support students of all ages.


Our Mission

Transitioning into university can often be confusing or difficult. The Mentorship Spot makes this change easier for university applicants by connecting them with mentors who will answer questions and provide support from the application process through to the end of first year. We aim to provide diverse resources and accessible mentorship to a community of students who support one another to foster personal and academic growth.

What We Do

The Mentorship Spot team has partnered with students at several top schools in Canada to empower youth by providing accessible guidance to inspire them to become leaders in their chosen career fields.

For students applying to university, it is often confusing or stressful to decide between the many options available to them. This can be made more difficult by a lack of accessible mentors, as students struggle to learn about their schools and programs of choice. Come September, thousands of students can find themselves struggling to adapt and develop a support system in an unfamiliar place.

The Mentorship Spot is directly targeting this issue by providing mentorship and support for students who are leaving high school or entering university.  Guidance from knowledgeable mentors has been shown to smooth the journey from applications through to first year, contributing to higher social integration and academic achievement.



Komal Patel


Komal is a third year student at Western University, where she’s completing a double degree program with Medical Sciences and the Ivey Business School. She started The Mentorship Spot in her first year, after recognizing a lack of guidance for high school students applying to university. She also loves to get involved on campus through clubs, research, and student development programs. In the future, Komal hopes to work in the healthcare industry, and she’s always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow!

Rachel Snelgrove


Rachel is a fourth-year Biology and Pharmacology co-op student at McMaster University. She’s been with The Mentorship Spot for about two years now and looks forward to continuing to grow this organization to help more prospective university students! Looking forward, she hopes to do her best to combat climate change and prioritize sustainability practices in our broader society.


Farzan Dubash


Farzan Dubash is a third-year student at the University of Western Ontario. After completing his first two years at the University of Waterloo in the Honors Arts and Business Co-op Program, he transferred into the Ivey HBA program where he will be starting his third year this fall. He enjoys mentoring high school students and is committed to providing them with the best possible resources to succeed in their post-secondary careers!


Adham Saad


Adham is a fourth-year Medical Sciences student studying Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Western. As someone who had little resources and guidance going into university, he hopes to make the transition easier for other students by expanding the reach and resources of the Mentorship Spot. He also enjoys working in research and volunteering in clubs around campus. Adham is passionate about science and looks forward to learning more in the coming years.


Arya More

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Maisha Alam


Maisha is a first-year Business student at Western University. She is passionate about international business and humanitarian work, and explores these passions through academics and extracurriculars. Maisha joined The Mentorship Spot in 2020, and is eager to help students on their journey to post-secondary.


Divya Balendra


Divya is a second year Medical Sciences student at Western University. She wants to carry the torch forward from mentors who continue to help her in university, and hopes to provide tangible support for other students. She loves to get involved in the school and local community through work, volunteering and various student organizations. In the future, she hopes to build upon her passions and have a career in healthcare or scientific research


Arya is a second-year Business Management (Finance) student at Western University. She hopes to attend the Ivey School of Business in her third year, while also maintaining campus involvement and contribution. Combining her passion for design and drive for business, she brings both artistic and interpersonal elements to The Mentorship Spot. Arya is ambitious, hardworking, and eager to learn from those around her!