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Does Waterloo’s CS/BBA Program Seem Like a Fit for You?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Jeffrey Liu

“My program offers the best of both worlds, equipping students with business knowledge, as well as computer science technical skills.”

Jeffrey Lui is currently a second-year Waterloo University student enrolled in the CS/BBA Double Degree program. He is an involved member of the Waterloo community and is greatly enjoying the challenges he has faced in his program.

1. Why did you choose to go to Waterloo for the program you’re currently in?

I’m a very sociable person and I really enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. I also know that I love technical challenges — questions that push me to use my creative problem solving skills. Hence, Waterloo has the perfect program for that which is the CS/BBA double degree. My program offers the best of both worlds, equipping students with business knowledge, as well as computer science technical skills. It also brings together a mutually supportive cohort of competent individuals.

2. What do you like about your program?

I personally really enjoy the technical challenges that Waterloo CS presents. The business side is also very interesting and the fact that you get two degrees in the time it takes to get just one, is a steal. My favourite part about my program, however, is the cohort it builds. Double degree (DD) students share very similar schedules, so there’s a nice community found in this program.

3. Do you have tips on saving money (e.g., textbooks)?

Avoid eating out and try to cook your meals. Depending on the course, you might have to purchase the newest versions of textbooks. However, if that’s not necessary, you may also find a cheaper and earlier version of the textbook. This will make it easier to pay off student loans once you’ve graduated and move forward with your life.

4. Is there any advice you would like to give to high school students about your university, or just general advice?

I think the most helpful advice I’ve received regarding school was in helping me deal with my imposter syndrome. When going into my program, I was surrounded by tons of people who were smarter and more accomplished than I was. Initially it was very discouraging, and it led me to doubt the accomplishments I’ve had as well as my own skills. What helped me was to stop comparing myself with them, and only compare myself with myself. As long as I’m better today than I was yesterday, everything’s good.

5. How have you gotten involved on campus, and how do you balance school and student life?

In terms of extracurricular activities, I’m currently the Engineering Team Lead for UW Enactus. Enactus aims to help other student initiatives throughout the Waterloo campus by providing them support and resources for their cause. As Engineering Team Lead, I lead a team in providing technical support, such as building websites and mobile applications for our partners when requested. In addition to Enactus, I’m also part of the university Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF). The fellowship has been a great source of community, as well as personal support and growth in my life here in university. When it comes to balancing school and student life, I believe that it is important to have good pre-planning skills. This way you are able to foresee the work you have coming up, and plan accordingly. In university, you also need to be flexible and adaptable. You can never be certain what’s going to happen the next day, so even though you may have planned everything, you must be quick to adjust to any changes throughout your plans.

6. What would you change about your school/program if you could?

I would personally have preferred more choices in first and second years in terms of electives. Currently I’m pursuing a Computational Fine Arts option, but in doing so, I’ve had to overload my coursework (take more courses than the full course load per term). However, I understand logistically that the DD program doesn’t offer a ton of flexibility in terms of course choices, simply because we are squeezing the workload of two programs, into one. I also wish we had nice unique DD lanyards, but that’s just me dreaming.

Interviewed by Shamir Malik

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