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Impact of the Pandemic on the Students of University of Waterloo

Anonymous Submission

If there is one thing that we have all learned over the course of the pandemic is that change is inevitable. In this article, I will be addressing the things that have changed with regards to the University of Waterloo after COVID-19.

Student life at the university is what you make of it. There are several opportunities for students to meet new people, join clubs and explore the city of Waterloo. Putting yourself out of your comfort zone by going to events and socializing is always a great way to make friends and have a good time.

That being said, school work can get overwhelming at times and knowing when to sacrifice studying for going out with friends is a skill best learned early on. One of the most important things about being a student at UWaterloo is finding a balance between having fun and working as both are equally important.

In the realm of the pandemic, several things have changed in terms of social events, academics and co-op. With online learning, student life has definitely been impacted as the social aspect of university life proved to be much harder to experience. Although there have been several initiatives by the university to replicate an in-person environment it is a change nonetheless. It can be relatively hard to stay focused in the comfort of your home where all your classes and work is done in front of a computer screen. After almost two years of online schooling, with school back in-person, it is safe to say pre-covid will never be the same.

The University of Waterloo has reacted quite well to the pandemic in terms of keeping students updated with information and making sure everyone is well informed of what will be happening in order to plan accordingly. It is proven that the social life of university students has changed drastically as expected. Trying to incorporate virtual game rooms or online social meets for upcoming university students is a great effort however does not have the same impact.

With in person classes resuming, the university life that students have dreamed about is all coming back with more and more social events to be a part of. The “chill” vibes the newly upgraded Waterloo campus brings is amazing with several facilities including the gym, basketball courts, swimming lanes and more at the students’ disposal.

All in all, following the pandemic, changes were inevitable. With safety precautions kept in mind, there are several ways students can live out their university experience and still have a great time!

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