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Landing Your First Job After Graduation

By: Reem Hashmi


Finding a first job after graduation can be a tough and rigorous experience that will test your determination. It took me a lot of trials and struggle to land my first full time role and I want to share some of the tips that helped me and people I know. There is no “secret sauce” or instant trick that will land you a job right away but some of these tips may be useful to you.

Make connections

There's a lot involved in securing your first full time job after graduation and making connections is one of the most beneficial things you could do. With Covid-19 numbers steadily decreasing, in person networking events are a great opportunity to secure positions and land roles. Meeting recruiters and showcasing your skills is an excellent way of increasing the likelihood of you landing a job. If there aren’t any events in your area or you can’t go for whatever reason, Linkedin is a great tool to make connections. On Linkedin you can connect with recruiters or people in your field. You can find people with the jobs you want and learn what they did to land their position. Many people are willing to help and it personally helped me a lot in finding my first job.

Apply a lot

One thing that takes people by surprise is how much they may have to apply to secure a job. Don’t worry, it is completely normal to get rejected and have to try more than you originally anticipated. Take every failed interview and all feedback as tools for growth to come back better next time. You may have to lower your expectations regarding the job you thought you were going to get. It might not be feasible to land your dream job right away and you shouldn’t let it discourage you. There is also a chance that you are exactly what the recruiters at your dream company were looking for so don’t be scared to apply! Be confident in yourself, stay consistent and you will definitely land your first job.

Get a coop/internship in university

A solid internship related to the field that you are in during university will make it much easier to find a job after graduation. The experience you gain during these internships and the work you do is extremely appealing to companies. Especially now, as more and more entry level positions require some level of experience, an internship substantially boosts your chances of getting the job you want. If you impress them enough, some companies even offer you a job right after graduation. Depending on your program, your school may be able to help you find a job but you may also have to spend extra time looking for opportunities by yourself. Personally, I had to spend a lot of time looking for an internship myself but it greatly helped me with jobs post graduation because I had the experience companies were looking for.

Work on personal projects

Depending on your field, personal projects may be your best friend. Spending time on projects shows that you are dedicated to your work and they are also a great area to showcase some of your skills. Since so many qualified people are applying to the same job, projects are a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Projects can also just be a fun way to spend some time after graduation to hone in your skills and brush up on weak points. Many of my friends got their jobs because of the projects they made on their own time.


Remember, getting your first job is a journey and you should take it at your own pace. Don’t get discouraged and keep working on yourself to find what works best. It may take some time and there will be ups and downs but keep your hopes high and everything will work out!

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