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Skilled Trades 101- Ultimate Guide

By Saiprasad Venkataraman

The skilled trades are a very important sector of the workforce in this day and age. With over 300 career options, along with a predicted forecast of over 40% of Canadians working in this field, here are some important resources and information!


In order to establish a career in the skilled-trades, completion of an apprentice program (individualized work related training) is generally required. In a mechanic apprentice situation, the trainee inspects, tests, and understands the basic functionalities of the job. Trainees are also expected to write estimates and establish good customer relations. Getting the chance to work as an apprentice in these companies requires good cover letters and qualifications.

Here are some important resources to view on this issue:

  1. overview on the different programs and requirements)

  2. information)

  3., creating and funding apprenticeships)

  4. websites for all information relating to the skilled trades for high-schoolers)

Salary and Wages

As it is with all career paths, salaries are an important factor to consider, and the skilled trades provide a good assurance for individuals on this matter! The average skilled trade salary in Canada is $57,525 per year or $29.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $48,750 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $63,375 per year. These figures represent the general population, but education and experience will result in different numbers

Here are some websites related to this topic:

  1. information on the payment structures for a job)

  2. salary-related information)

Certification and Licensing

Certification and licensing are crucial to doing well in the skilled trades. These two topics generally involve establishing and meeting standards for training and apprenticeship, such as receiving the necessary licensing from provincial and territorial authorities. Information on these issues can be clarified through calls to Skilled Trades Ontario at (647) 847-3000 or toll-free (Ontario only) 1-855-299-0028, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST for further instruction.

Here are some verified sources that will provide some more information on this issue:

  1. (Info on eligibility)

  2. (General info and requirements)

Growing Demand

One of the most important things to understand about the skilled trades is the growing demand in Canada. According to a report by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, there will be a need for an additional 167,740 workers in the skilled trades sector by 2023. Additionally, a substantial scarcity of qualified tradespeople exists in Canada as a result of the baby boomer generation's retirement, which has boosted the demand for young employees to fill these positions.This once again emphasizes the importance of individuals choosing to pursue a career in this sector!

  1. → Link to CAF Official Website

  2. → Most in-demand skilled trade jobs in Canada


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