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Become A Mentee

  • Gain insight into various university programs and experiences

  • Interact with people who have similar goals and ambitions

  • Get all your questions about post-secondary life answered

  • Network and build connections


If you are a high school student who would like to be matched with a mentor from your ideal school/program, click the button below!

Become A Mentor

  • Share your insights and university experience with others

  • Help people who have similar goals and ambitions as you

  • Network and build connections

  • Demonstrate leadership and compassion


If you are a university student who would like to be added to our list of mentors and potentially be paired with one or more mentees, click the button below!

Be Interviewed or Write An Article

If interested in contributing to our articles...

  • You can choose any topic to talk about, such as your program experience, your involvement in an extracurricular, how you time manage, or anything else related to university life

  • We can provide you with questions or you can make up your own leading questions

  • You can also write up your own answers or be interviewed by one of our team members, who will do the writing for you

If you are interested in being interviewed for or writing an article for our medium page, click the button below!

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Become An Ambassador

Your responsibilities:

  • Help build engagement for our mentorship program​

  • Find unique perspectives for our feature articles and podcasts​

  • Join a network dedicated to helping others

  • Communicate effectively with other Ambassadors and Executives​


What you will gain:

  • Receive references for future applications

  • Build meaningful connections with other Ambassadors and Executives

  • Potential for promotion within our organization

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